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A Photographer’s Guide to Designing Wedding Albums Using KISS & AlbumStomp

January 5, 2021

Today I’m going to walk you through my entire album design process! I know the process can be daunting for photographers going through it for the very first time so I wanted to show up with the in’s and out’s of how I navigate the process in hopes of making it easier for other photographers out there!



I use KISS Albums to get the albums printed. They have incredible customer service and really high quality printed albums. My mom who saw one of the first albums designed and knew nothing about the process or albums could immediately tell by just touching and viewing the album how incredible the quality is! Back when I was doing in-person consults, I would always walk clients through the whole wedding day using a sample album and they always commented on how nice the albums were! But more on that later 🙂 I’m currently using AlbumStomp to design my albums and then I use Albumprufr to allow my clients to view their album design. AlbumStomp has a ton of really nice layouts to choose from depending on how many images you add to the page and they also allow you to easily crop images within the software for whichever layout you do use. You can see me go through the process in the video! These are both synced up which makes it easy for clients to be able to view and request updates. Albumprufr runs for about $50/year!

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When I deliver my clients’ wedding gallery, I ask them to go through and favorite any images that they really would like included in their first wedding album draft. I make sure to include these when I’m creating the initial draft design. I usually will pull all of the blog highlight images plus immediate family portraits and some candids from the reception to work with.

Once I have created an initial draft, I send over a link to view their initial wedding design draft through AlbumPrufr with a questionnaire that guides them through how to request changes. I usually include a TON of spreads for them to choose from so they have a ton of choices and sometimes upgrade their album to include more spreads! I include a Loom video walking them through the process of requesting changes so it’s easy on their end! Each album includes 2 rounds of revision where we’ll go back and forth to perfect their album after they’ve chosen the spreads they want to include! If they purchase additional spreads, I’ll invoice that through HoneyBook before uploading their final album design to KISS and ordering the album!

I always make sure to review the final uploaded design in KISS to make sure everything looks good. AlbumStomp does work with KISS to know how to resize images for KISS albums specifically but I always make sure to go page by page to make sure there’s nothing that looks off. The KISS albums are seamless which makes design and printing really beautiful without having creases in the middle of each spread! I always opt for the prettier packaging for each album and ship it straight to my clients’ homes.


I recommend designing and printing a sample album through KISS first. This will give you an idea of what the design process is like and allow you to show your wedding clients an album increasing their chance of including one in their purchase.

The first few albums I had shipped straight to my home to make sure the printing looked amazing and in order to take pictures that I could use on my wedding album website page and on Instagram to further showcase wedding albums to my clients.

I recommend keeping your clients’ choices straightforward and simple so that you’re not overloading them with a lot of decisions to make. After their wedding day they have a TON of things to worry about and have just come off of putting together a large-scale event so I do try to make their choices easy and streamlined through the questionnaire that I mentioned above. I offer 3 size options (8×8 parent albums and a choice between 10×10 and 12×12), the option between leather & linen and the ability to customize the engraving on their album cover! A lot of my clients spend a good amount of time choosing which spreads to keep and then requesting changes so I try to keep the rest of the choices simple and easy to navigate for them.


If you’re looking for more details on how I include wedding albums into photography collections and the details of how to price wedding albums, exactly how many spreads I include with which collection and more streamlining the design process, check out the Behind the Business Vault!

The Vault includes everything from email templates, client questionnaires, workflows for portraits & questionnaires, a breakdown of a profitable marketing strategy & how to streamline and organize each and every part of your business.

More of a visual learner? Be sure to watch the totally-free masterclass!

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