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3 Ways to Help You Overcome Imposter Syndrome

April 20, 2021

Oh imposter syndrome, how you get the best of us….

Did you know that “Famous actors, authors, artists, CEOs—the most successful people are those most likely to have imposter syndrome.”

It’s not just reserved for the dreamers & doers and currently nobody’s trying to become somebody’s….it happens to EVERYONE.

It took getting in the room with women that I knew were *absolutelyyyy crushing it.*

And then hearing them talk about the doubts behind their biz to realize that imposter syndrome really does affect even the most qualified & equipped.

And if I had a CFA nugget for every time I had imposter syndrome creep up – well I’d never have to get takeout from anywhere else, ever again.

So if you’re currently in the weeds with the devil, here are a few tips to hopefully help you keep your chin up & keep on keepin’ on:

1. Think about & journal through what your life was like ONE year ago.

Or maybe THREE years ago? Or 5? Did you DREAM of being at the level that you’re currently at?

Now think about journaling a year from now, or 3 or 5 years from now as IF you had already achieved erryttthinggg you’re envying at this moment.

What would your future self tell you about where you’re at now & the journey you’re taking to become her? *sounds woo but is SOOO effective*

2. Turn down the noise

Comparison tends to bring out the ugly monster. It’s ok to tune out the noise, sit with yourself & think through “ok what do I PERSONALLY want – rather than what the world is TELLING me I should want?”

3. Remind yourself of your strengths – what comes to you easily doesn’t come to EVERYONE easily!

Never forget that you have bits of your personality that you naturally infuse into your work that help you stand out!

And here are 3 WAYS to #practically do that….bc they’re already there inside ya – we just have to dig ’em out!

1. What are you known for?

OUTSIDE of your job? Do your friends/fam always come to you for advice? Do you always have a joke on hand to crack peeps up?

2. What do you LOVE doing?

Like the weird *potentially mundane* tasks that everyone else gripes a lil’ about? Love doing your bookkeeping or pouring over the analytics?

That’s actually a STRENGTH even in the creative world! <<< that one’s me!!

3. Phone a friend

Sometimes we’re the last to see greatness within us bc it’s so *normal* to us!

Ask a biz buddy, a friend or your sister, or even your past clients…. to hear what you embody naturally maybe without even realizing it!

When you’ve figured out what makes you uniquely equipped to serve your people well make sure to infuse it into EVERYTHING:

  1. Your website copy (fo sho’ on your about pg!)
  2. Your social copy – hello more fun insta captions!
  3. Your inquiry emails / email templates
  4. Your email signature & contact thank you pg
  5. Your signature process for your services


If you’re ready to become calm & confident as the CEO behind your photography business, be sure to check out the signature Behind the Business Vault!

The Vault includes everything from email templates, client questionnaires, workflows for portraits & questionnaires, a breakdown of a profitable marketing strategy & how to organize your business so you can show up confidently for your clients!

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